August 30 through September 19

​The COVID-19 virus has thrown all facets of life into disarray and sadly, the Bear Lake Triathlon & Duathlon has also fallen victim in not being able to hold a live event. Grand Haven has been a  long running favorite for many, making Grand haven a destination/vacation weekend event, offering LOTS of amenities in addition to a spectacular venue. It's our desire to make "your" virtual event very enjoyable, as well.

How this works:

All of our event categories and distances remain the same as our live event. These include a Sprint Triathlon, Sprint Duathlon, Olympic Triathlon and Olympic Duathlon. You can also assemble a relay team (male/female/co-ed) for any of the categories. YOU choose when and when YOU do YOUR event (Most will simply use their "home" familiar training grounds). The window to complete YOUR event will be the week before, week during and week after our originally planned date of Sunday, September 6 (August 30 through September 19). This allows you 3 weeks to complete YOUR event. You must complete YOUR event in 1 day. You won't record YOUR transition times. You'll be allowed 1 hour in between YOUR disciplines. Once you've completed YOUR event you will submit YOUR performance to our timer's (Epic Race Timing) results page via the link which we will have in place shortly. In order to accurately record your results, we suggest you use a Garmin, Strava, Timex, Suunto, Apple watch or other brand GPS recording device. We will also determine your placement in gender, age group and overall. The race categories and distances are shown below. (Due to some repaving and road conditions the bike distances have been adjusted)

  • Sprint Triathlon:                 500 meters (547 yards) swim / 11.5 miles bike / 5K (3.1 miles) run
  • Sprint Duathlon:                5K (3.1 miles) run / 11.5 miles bike / 5K (3.1 miles) run 
  • Olympic Triathlon:             1500 meters (1640 yards) swim / 23 miles bike / 10K (6.2 miles) run
  • Olympic Triathlon:             5K (3.1 miles) run / 23 miles bike / 10K (6.2 miles) run

What's included:

At the conclusion of the virtual event, we will mail to you your race items. This will include:

  • Official event, short sleeve "tech" shirt
  • official event neck gator
  • Official event finisher medal
  • Official event swim cap (Yellow for Sprint / White for Olympic) with event logo
  • Official event completion certificate
  • If qualified, official event age group or overall placement certificate (3 deep for overall and age group)


If you've already registered for the live event, you'll be emailed a FREE COMP code to re-register for YOUR virtual event and there is NO cost. You need to complete the "new" registration form and sign the "virtual event" waiver. IF YOU DON'R RE-REGISTER, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AS A REGISTERED PARTICIPANT.

If you are not already registered and would like to participate in YOUR event, the entry fees are shown below:

  • Sprint Triathlon / Sprint Duathlon / Olympic Triathlon / Olympic Duathlon:                       Individual:            $55.00
  • Sprint Triathlon / Sprint Duathlon / Olympic Triathlon / Olympic Duathlon:                       Relay Team:        $45.00 per team member

To register online, please click on the button below:

To register by mail, please click on the button below:


When it comes to the swim, bike and run courses, you have a variety of options. You can choose to do YOUR event outdoors or indoors if you prefer a treadmill, bike trainer and access to a pool. If you choose to do YOUR event outdoors, YOU pick the body of water, bike and run courses that YOU are most comfortable with. Most participants will select their own familiar training grounds.


  • Swim Safety:
    • ​Swim with a partner(s)
    • Have someone accompany you with a kayak, stand up paddle board or other vessel
    • Select an area with NO marine (boat) traffic
    • Review YOUR course before beginning for potential safety hazards and water conditions
    • Wear a wetsuit: A wetsuit will help you maintain better buoyancy and keep you warm if you're in colder water. make sure you're familiar and comfortable with a wetsuit as they do take getting used to. If you've not used one before, they will feel tight and you need to stay within your ability to stay comfortable, otherwise, they will feel restrictive and more tight.
    • Use a swim buoy. These are very helpful to make sure YOU are more visible to others when swimming in open water.
  • Bike Safety:
    • DO NOT WEAR EARBUDS, HEADPHONES OR ANY TYPE OF LISTENING DEVICE (You need to stay focused and hear your surroundings and traffic)
    • Make sure you wear a helmet and it is securely fastened
    • Make sure you're fueled and hydrated before you begin and while riding
    • Carry your phone in event of an emergency
    • Carry nutrition and fluids as you may need them
    • Wear bright colored and weather appropriate clothing
    • Select YOUR course that YOU are comfortable with and feel safe to ride. 
    • Inspect YOUR course for conditions and safeness prior to YOUR ride
    • Perhaps have someone ride with you (Safety in numbers) but don't draft
  • Run Safety:
    • ​Do not wear earbuds, headphones or any type of listening device (Again, you really need to hear and be aware of your surroundings)
    • Continue to stay fueled and hydrated
    • Wear bright colored and weather appropriate clothing
    • ​As this is a virtual event, YOU are selecting YOUR courses for YOUR use. Make sure YOU exercise good judgement in ALL areas of YOUR event. The Grand Haven Triathlon & Duathlon is NOT providing security, volunteers, directions, law enforcement, open water, road and/or sidewalk/trail preparation or maintenance, medical services or ANY assistance for YOUR event. 
    • We suggest you do YOUR event in low peak (not busy) times and locations (when and where there's less marine and vehicular traffic)
    • ​Please note that YOU are responsible if you cause any bodily injury and/or property damage to any individual, property owner, business or governmental agency.


Once you have completed YOUR event, you can click on the link to the "results" page of our timer, Epic Race timing, and provide your results. When you are on the "Results" page, you will click on the "Edit Time" and be taken to a page where you enter your times. You will also upload the link to your "GPS" device (Garmin, Strava, Timex, Suunto, Apple watch, etc) so that your times are validated. Times will be taken for the event disciplines only and not transition times. Final results and placements will be determined at the end of the 3 weeks period. In order to qualify for age group or overall awards, you must do each discipline within an hour of completion of the previous one. This will be confirmed on your "GPS" device. The triathlon and duathlon results links are below:

Have fun and be creative:

While a virtual event is not the same as a liv event, it can still be very fun. While you're not shoulder to shoulder with fellow competitors, you're still racing against everyone in your gender and age group. We would love to see your finish creative side that you show from YOUR event. Take and share photos and/or videos. Create your own start and/or finish line. Show your cheering section. Who has the most creative apparel? How creative can you be?

Make sure you're healthy to race and don't spread the virus:

In light of the COVID-19 virus, please make sure that you're healthy and not infected with the virus. Also, please follow the C.D.C. guidelines with regard to avoiding and preventing the spread of the virus. For more information from the C.D.C. please click on the button below:

Additional Questions:

​We're always available and happy to answer any questions you might have. You can reach us by using the "CONTACT" tab on our event website.